Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Name Game

How rude that I have tested positive for the latest psychological theory, 'the name letter effect'. Apparently, people are drawn to certain people and areas based on their initials. Upon reading, I thoughts, oh that's silly. Now researchers in Belgium have tested this effect as it relates to your employer and have found that 1 in 9 are drawn to their employer through the name. My initials, A.M.S. actually fit right into this, working for lifestyle guru M.S. Oh!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets the...

I have a sister who is expecting. In turn, yours truly is planning a lovely baby shower. It has recently been brought to my attention that baby shower games are very, very rude. Of course I love a good challenge like the next lady, however a shower is meant to eat tea sandwiches and open presents, not smell 'dirty' diapers. That's right... this particular game my sister had to endure recently. It is just beyond rude...
Pass the Dirty Diaper: (Materials- diaper, chocolate, music player). One of our "dirtiest" baby shower games is for the host to take a diaper that has been "fixed" with warm chocolate in the right place and have the woman pass it to the woman next to them (make sure everyone is in a circle). When the host stops the music, whomever is holding the diaper is out of the game. a baby shower favorite!
ACK! How very rude! No worries my sister, NO ONE will be sniffing anything at your shower!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oprah's Rude Show

I am sorry that I have been m.i.a. but obviously Oprah has been reading the lady's musings.  She had a "rude show" yesterday, talking about bad behavior and manners.  Clearly, I was an influence. From the show description:

Fed up with the rude behavior you experience day in and day out? Is it aggressive driving, co-workers who don't wash their hands or smokers who use the sidewalk as their personal ashtrays? What about the sales clerks who ignore you—then act like they own the store when you finally get their attention?
You can take Oprah's 'Rude Quiz' here.  The ladies and I clearly passed with flying colors.