Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shampoo + Conditioner = ??

My co-worker Laura pointed out today how rude it was to assume that shampoo and conditioner's core functions can be 'watered down' by the other.  Sounds like a corporate consolidation memo.  The whole combo concept just smells of a man... (said in a deep man voice) "Yes that is brilliant!  You will save time in the shower!"  This may work for short hair but for the rest of us this is crazy RUDE.  My locks need to be gently cleaned FIRST, then to be nourished and conditioned.  I celebrate the time spent on my mane!

Investigating this further, I found the original "2 in 1" product was Pert Plus.  They now have a line for men.  Ummm, who else besides dudes at the gym did you think was using your product before? They have patented this product as the original "time saver."  Loves it.

I think that this ad says it all...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mean Girls

How scary that the number one emailed NYTimes article is "Backlash - Women Bullying Women at Work."  After reading the bullying "tactics" I just thought that some of these are particularly frightening...

1.  Glaring at someone in a hostile manner (Juno: "Your girlfriend is giving me the stink-eye")
2.  Giving someone the silent treatment (ok... weird)
3.  Treating others in a RUDE or disrespectful manner (hello!?)

My favorite line in the article: "WHAT better place to be a bully than in a prison?"   It kept me reading!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Hunt

On Saturday Alison and I decided to check out the Domino Mag editor's tag sale.  We got there before opening bell, only to discover a line wrapping around the block.  We eagerly waited for TWO+ hours only to discover an empty apartment with about two lamps ($500/pair) and leftover fabric (we tried to pretend to look at it but we don't have any clue what we're doing with fabric!).  The whole thing was over-rated.  Any-who... I did get to meet the coolest person ever! Arden Myrin and her friend Mikie kept us laughing in the final stretches.  She even posted this photo of us for her new blog.  Friendly blog promotion = not rude!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just Married!

M.B. and I tied the knot three weeks ago!  Obviously we have several rude encounters but no need to dwell on those... OK I'll dish.  My top 5 rude behaviors related to our wedding:
1. People who cancelled/didn't show up.  
2. People who neglected to RSVP.  Not the rudest thing in the world but when enough people forgot, it became v. frustrating.  I mean the postcard was post marked... they just had to check a box. 
3. The final 100m. with the vendors.  They knew that they have you between a rock and hard place so there are several "additional fees" that would just make our wedding more special.  And, at that point, money is no issue.
4. Drunk friends at a wedding are amazing; blind drunk family members are rude.  
5. The driver who decided that in lieu of picking up the bride, he would pick up another fare in Brooklyn.  We were an hour late.  Oh yes... the bus that hit the car we finally landed in was pretty rude.