Friday, June 27, 2008


I am obsessed with bluetooth earpieces (in a good way). I know what you are thinking. They are so amazing, how could it be rude? Well, I would say that the following situations would constitute the top 6 most rude bluetooth offenses:

1. On a date (at any point)
2. While running a half marathon in Central Park (I'm not naming names)
3. In a meeting (unless you are trying to make a point)
4. During your wedding, a religious ceremony or any sort of knighting
5. On the beach or at a pool because it is disruptive and I'm sure that you could electrocute something with the blue glow
6. During a movie - even if you are not talking, the pulsating light is glowing

1 comment:

hank said...

I think they look like an unnatural extension of your face, kind of like a huge wart or mole. Also, when they're talking to someone on phone and we don't see that,and out of politeness we respond, and they look at you like your a dweeb.