Monday, September 15, 2008

Gym Rat

Good morning!  This morning I went to our building's gym.  It's a smaller space but good enough to pretend like you are working out while watching Matt & Meredith on the Today Show.  This female person (for she is a far cry from a lady) was there.  MB and I have seen her down there several times before. She once asked him to turn off his television because she could hear it. Meanwhile, she was watching the same program on her headphones.  Today she was there again in her rough-girl gear.  I went to use one of the communal BOSU balls and she screamed from across the room, "OK....." To which, I replied, "Oh!  I'm sorry sorry were you using this?"  She walked over and completely ignored my apology, rather smirked at me in the mirror.  I was horrified.  She's clearly a bully and I was almost in tears at the thought that I may have offended someone.  After leaving the gym (don't worry I finished my workout), I thought about what a miserable person she is.  When standing next to her you can feel her miserable energy and pent-up aggression.  Poor gym etiquette is one thing but, lashing out at your neighbors, is uncalled for. Maybe it is the shrinking economy or the hot spell we are having but rudeness abounds in my building.  It's too bad that someone can be so mean and almost ruin your day.