Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Open Toes

As tomorrow brings warm weather to New York, I just want to remind everyone where I stand on flip flop wearing on the subway: it's gross and not very ladylike. M.B. just reminded me that there are those who wear flip flop sandals in the office. Oh my is that rude and offensive (and dangerous depending on your occupation!).


Rhonda said...

Agreed, Amie. Feet shod only in flip flops on the subway are as gross as Britney's bare feet in a roadside gas station bathroom run. Think about that. The gas station bathroom should be worse. Much, much worse. And instead, it's AS bad as the subway and flip flops offer no additional protection than bare feet do. Gross.

Maia said...

My dear friends

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Flip - flops are great on the beach and back yard thats all!!!

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