Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Not Afraid of No Birds

It has come to my attention that birds may be working against us.  Case in point, Thursday's plane crash caused by... geese (one of the biggest birds in the air).  Also, just look around.  They are everywhere and among us.  Sometimes they follow me and with their versatile transportation methods, they can easily travel from A-to-B "as the crow flies."  We also cannot forget the dreaded "Avian Flu," which Alison (my b.f.f.) reminds me, once paralyzed me with fear.  Why should we let these rude inflictors of fear, bring us down?  Recently, at the airport I saw a woman carry a pelican through the metal detector on her arm.  I find it amusing that we're letting a major threat to our aviation industry to fly first class from New York to LA reaping all the benefits, including the hot fudge sundae and Forgetting Sarah Marshall in HD.  How rude!  We shouldn't live our lives in fear of birds any longer.  I for one am going today and facing them head-on (obviously wearing a hat so that they do not... you know... on my freshly coifed hair). 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How Rude,

When it comes to birds on my head i draw the line!
I assume you are you women, there was a movie called {The Birds} And it still scars me when I see birds gathering in Parks where people gather. Be care my dear,