Friday, February 22, 2008

Terminally Rude!

I am sorry to not provide pictures but I must share some flagrant rude behavior from JFK airport this morning. First, there was a woman doing yoga. Mind, body and spirit all in perfect harmony. Too bad it offended moi. As Aunt Sassy said,"I don't want to see THAT!" Along similar lines, there was a lot of shoe removing in the terminal. I understand that it is required at security but THAT is all good friends. Your dirty socks must remain inside your shoes just like you are in ANY public space. Please. How dare you.


kelly said...

this is seriously my favorite new blog

Anonymous said...

Speaking of travel related rudeness, how rude is it when your favorite blogger and co-worker leaves town without saying goodbye? So much for my well-rehearsed "Bon Voyage" routine.