Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weddings Announcements in the Times

One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is to read the Weddings section of the Times. I don't so much 'read' but rather look at the portraits. The whole thing is pretty hilarious, submitting your story, answering questions, undergoing a 'fact-check and then sending them a portrait of you and your spouse to the paper. The best, my most favorite thing ever though is the single photo. I get that it was once very ladylike and proper to only discuss 'the lady's marriage'. That being said, there's nothing that says, "so not really into my spouse, just happy to finally get married and land in the Times" than a photo of just the bride. So rude (but fun -totally fun).

In my search for an image, I came across this 'Veiled Conceit' blog. It's kind of angry but pretty funny.

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Me2 said...

touching print media, especially on Sunday, is so olde are you? like 36? how rude...