Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Courtesy Please

M.B. came home with a horrific tale from his subway ride home tonight. A man kept his bag on the seat during the crowded, rush-hour commute. No, that's not the worst offense. A lady boarded the train and asked the, dare I say, gentleman to remove his bag from the seat so that she may sit. He refused. Now this is clearly RUDE. From Mrs. Humphry's guide to riding the omnibus (applies towards all public transport)...
True courtesy, for instance, will prevent a man from infringing the rights of his neighbours on either side by occupying more than his own allotted space

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Anonymous said...

so what happened after he refused? surely the others on the train didn't let this go unpunished. i hope she at least lied and said she was pregnant to accelerate the public's prompt pummeling of him.