Sunday, April 13, 2008

"I Hope You Saved Some Turkey for Me"

For some reason I've installed the latest Yahoo! toolbar on my browser which includes Yahoo! Personals. It opened as my homepage this afternoon. Hoping that my browser doesn't know something that I don't, I found myself clicking on "10 Tips for Approaching Women - Most guys get caught up in guessing what to say; here's what they really should do." I would imagine that #9 is the most helpful:
9. Lighten your tone of voice . The tone of your voice is a very powerful tool. Approaching her in a light and playful tone is one of the best ways to start. You could also begin in a serious tone, accusing her of something like "I hope you saved some turkey for me," followed by a quick smile to let her know you are joking. Practice playing with your vocal tone with your friends -- notice the different reactions you get when you say the exact same thing using varied tones and fluctuations.
Note to the gentleman: you should not say that to a lady. Also, if you are in a setting where she could be eating too much turkey, you shouldn't practice your vocal fluctuations until after dessert.

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BlogMonkey said...

Ah, fair and unrude Amie...

In my experience, most love matches are made immediately after gorging on hormone-injected and coma-inducing fowl.

There is something about the trytophan effect just makes people more open to... um... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... guhguhguhguh...