Saturday, April 19, 2008

Out With Cleve

M.B. and I were out for ice cream and we encountered a tour bus filled with friendly Canadians. We were behind Cleve and his wife Jill from Ottowa. Cleve shared with us his newest business venture "Out With a Bang." We had to visit his site:
"Ever wonder what to do with Uncle Ed's ashes or indeed yours when the Grim Reaper comes for you? Ever think about going "Out With A Bang"? What's the "Bang"? How about Fireworks!"
Let me be clear... I don't want that. How rude to blow up your loved ones.


Teclado e Mouse said...

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Alie said...

"Likeable"? "Interesting"? Understatements if I've ever heard them. Rude to promote yourself while not giving my little sis the credit she deserves.