Monday, November 10, 2008

The Rude Chair Massage

I understand that one does not actually admit that they get the 10 minute massage in the nail salon. Well once in a while, I do. Certain criteria must be met though before I harness the chair:
1. My backside must not be facing a window
2. It isn't in a salon where someone I work with may roll in
3. I obviously need extra time to dry my nails (cooler weather = more chair massages)
4. My pants will not in any way fall down

So for the times when the above are all right, how does the chair massage go incredibly wrong? I mean, obviously I am not visiting trained massage therapists but can't a girl just get her back massaged in piece? This weekend I got my {rear} kicked by a lady who was about 80lbs and shall remain nameless (she may or may not go by the name Rose). She smacked me, she ripped my hair, she pinched my neck and, right before she let me go, she slapped my bottom. It was, hands down, the rudest $10 massage I've ever had.


Nancy Savino said...

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Alie said...

How rude to make your dear sister laugh so hard she nearly popped a stitch in her gut!

(I won't even comment on the rudeness of anonymous strangers trying to sell their wares on my lovely sister's blog about rudeness. Oh wait, I just did.)

On an unrelated note - I'm sitting in a hospital, of all places, and this woman's cell phone was on full volume and was the rudest tone I've ever experienced... What is wrong with people?!

Emma said...

What's that rude, i don't get it, BTW, my Foot massager can't be rude.

Andre Adams said...

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